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  • DOWNLOAD – Firmware Axtel
  • DOWNLOAD – Axtel IP Phone AX300G User Manual V1.6.pdf
  • DOWNLOAD – Axtel IP Phone AX400G User Manual V1.4.pdf
  • DOWNLOAD – Axtel IP Phone AX500W User Manual V2.pdf
  • DOWNLOAD – RPS Axtel work process
  • DOWNLOAD – PHONES-AX-500W Bluetooth
  • DOWNLOAD – Axtel IP Phone Provisioning V3


How can I check the version of the firmware?

For all models, press Menu, Status, Information, and then you will see the version of the firmware. On your browser and on the Axtel telephone website, the firmware is displayed on the home page.

Why doesn’t the phone dial the number that has been entered?

Check the settings:
1. Choose the Log-in site and click Settings->Preferences
2. Adjust the time limit by pressing the NO key: the default setting is 0 which means that it will never dial the number unless after having entered it, you press the “send” button. You can fill in the empty space with the necessary amount of time.

Can all Axtel telephones be mounted on a wall?

All of the telephones from the Axtel series can be mounted on a wall.

Can all Axtel telephones be connected to an extension module? What is the maximum amount of extension modules it can be connected to?

No, only the AX-400G and the AX-500W can be connected to an extension module. Axtel telephones can handle up to six extension modules at one time. The use of extension modules is currently in the trial stage.

I am using the POE and the Power Adapter simultaneously. What kind of power source will the phone use by default?

When using the POE and the Power Adapter simultaneously, the telephone will choose the power source through the additional source.

What are Axtel’s warranty rules and regulations?

Axtel provides a 12-month warranty.

Do all Axtel telephones emit and support HD sound quality?

Yes, all Axtel telephones emit HD sound quality.

How many contacts can the Axtel extension module display?

Axtel add-ons support viewing 2 pages with 20 contacts on each page, thus adding up to 40
contacts. The extension module is currently in the trial stage.

What is an Outbound Proxy? Should I fill in that option when registering for my telephone?

The Outbound Proxy ensures a special network service which allows the telephone to connect to another server. The Outbound Proxy is used most frequently in the presence of firewalls/NATs for the use of motion signal technology and media through the firewall.

How many languages does the Axtel telephone support?

Currently, telephones from the AX series support 17 languages.
English/French/German/Spanish/Portuguese/Russian/Italian/Polish/Turkish/Serbian/Chinese/Sloven ian/Farsi/Hebrew/Slovakian/Czech/Dutch
The default language of the interface is English. The list can be supplemented.

How can I recover my password to the phone if I forget it?

If you are using a device provided by an internet service provider, contact them in order to recover your password.
You can also recover your password through the configuration path of the device’s server.

How can I set up BLF on my telephone?

1. You can set up BLF by selecting the following options on your internet browser: Keyboard Function/BLF Settings/Set type to BLF.
2. You can also set up the BLF on the LCD by choosing Menu-Function-Functional Keys-Memory Keys as functional keys. Memory Key 1 select as BLF, input the value and choose account number 1.

Can the font size on the LCD menu be changed?

Yes, if you want to change the font on the LCD screen to a preferred font or size, you can change it by selecting Menu-Settings-Basic Settings-Font Size.

How can I add someone to my contact/blocked callers list?

If you have an incoming call, you can choose that number from your History and select the option to Add to Contacts or to the Blocked Caller list.
You can also select the Directory/DIR to choose more than one number, and then add the number to the catalog.

I want to be sure others don’t use my phone when I am away from it. How can I achieve this?

You can input a password into your settings, choose the keypad block, set up a password, and adjust the time for the phone block during a period of inactivity.

What call centers can I log this phone into?

Currently, all nonsystemic centers that support stander SIP v1 (RFC2543), v2 (RFC3261)
np.: 3CX  Bicom   Broadsoft   FreePBX   Vodia   Yeastar .

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